Alcotox – a New Hangover Remedy, Which Also Protects the Liver

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Alcotox is a unique, patent pending hangover remedy which, based on years of scientific research, actually prevents a hangover from happening in the first place instead of curing one afterwards. Additionally Alcotox shields and protects the liver, even while you are drinking.

London (PRWEB UK) 11 June 2012

Alcotox addresses the problem of a hangover by examining what actually happens inside our bodies when we drink alcohol. The unique, patent-pending formulation is the result of years of research drawn from the fields of biochemistry, oncology, hepatology and nutrition.

Alcotox is a safe and effective neutraceutical product that counteracts the toxicity of alcohol metabolism. It is a prescription free, stimulant free and a drug free product composed of a precision blend of amino acids and vitamins. See our product information page. One capsule of Alcotox will detoxify the toxins produced by one unit of alcohol.

When alcohol is consumed, the liver converts it into a substance called acetaldehyde, which is extremely toxic. Acetaldehyde is used in industry in the manufacture of plastics, adhesives and fabrics and is chemically similar to formaldehyde, which is used in insulating foam and embalming fluid. Acetaldehyde is approximately 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself.

It is not widely known that it is acetaldehyde which is the underlying root cause of a hangover. A hangover is often just the noticeable tip of the iceberg of damage that acetaldehyde can wreak. It damages tissue, cells and has been shown to alter DNA itself. In fact, acetaldehyde is linked to almost every known alcohol related health problem.

The liver can only metabolize on average, one unit of alcohol per hour, regardless of the amount that has been consumed. As alcohol is metabolized more slowly than it is absorbed, the liver can be easily overwhelmed. This results in un-metabolized acetaldehyde circulating throughout the body with the potential to cause widespread damage. The liver is subjected to most of the harm, as this is where the bulk of conversion takes place. It is known that smaller amounts of acetaldehyde are also processed in the brain and in the pancreas.

While the definition of a “standard drink” varies from country to country, the example below lists some popular drinks, in common, easy to recognise measurements, all of which contain the same amount of alcohol.

12 oz (330ml) can of 5% proof beer
5oz (142ml) glass of 12% proof wine
1.5 oz (42 ml) of 40% proof spirits.

All of these contain the same amount of alcohol, which is 0.5 oz (16 gms) of pure alcohol. One capsule of Alcotox is designed to detoxify approximately 25 gms (almost 1 oz) of pure alcohol, which is almost two standard drinks as defined above. The suggested dose of one Alcotox capsule per drink therefore ensures a very large margin of error of almost 90%, to allow for the differences in metabolic ability between individuals.

Alcotox works by scavenging it in real time, even while you are drinking, and binds to it rendering it harmless before it can do damage. Secondly it replaces vital nutrients, which are destroyed during alcohol metabolism. Thirdly it provides the liver with the raw materials it needs to boost glutathione, the body’s own super anti-oxidant.

Alcotox is unique in that it actually prevents a hangover from happening in the first place as opposed to curing one afterwards, as by that time, the damage has likely already been done, as shown in our product video:

Over 2 billion people consume alcohol worldwide. According to the World Health Organisation, alcohol causes 2.5 million deaths a year, which represents 3.7% of all deaths worldwide and is the 3rd major cause of death in developed countries. In developing countries where overall mortality is low, alcohol is the leading cause of illness and disease.

Even moderate amounts of alcohol can have a powerfully damaging effect on the body, especially the liver. Therefore Alcotox can benefit everyone who drinks alcohol and not just the “at risk drinkers”.

Several hundred people have tried Alcotox as part of our own trials and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. People wake up hangover free, almost regardless of how much alcohol had been consumed the day before. This, assuming of course, one has taken the suggested dose of one capsule per drink.

Some notable research institutions are also presently conducting scientific trials to determine whether Alcotox can in fact prevent liver cells from dying due to alcohol exposure. Meanwhile another study is evaluating whether Alcotox can prevent different forms of alcohol-induced cancer, including oral cancer. The results are expected later this year and if positive will be quite a remarkable achievement for a hangover remedy!

Alcotox does not affect the pharmacology of alcohol, only its toxicity. This means that you can still become intoxicated. Some have argued that Alcotox is a licence to drink more. The popular view is that it is a valuable tool, which can help achieve a significant reduction in alcohol’s damaging biochemical side effects.

Alcotox is available for purchase online in either a 30 capsule bottle or a 6 capsule sample pack to test drive the product (coming soon)
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