Alcotox Testimonials


Maud M
“A mllioin thanks for posting this information.”


Ian D
“Been using this for a few weeks now. Great product. It massively reduces hangover”


Dr  G Cook
“I am used to drinking and smoking although I have greatly reduced the latter.I do feel that having tried Alcotox I just felt more energised and more normal.Good product.”


Dr R Choudhry
“I took 2 capsules after having some wine and did not have my usual headache and feeling of exhaustion”


Dr I Mian
“After a dinner with red wine I usually feel slightly under the weather.I took some Alcotox caps and felt perfect the next day”

“It really works! For once something does exactly what it says. I have ordered more. I am very impressed”


Denise D
“I bought alcotox from my local health food store after the assistant gave it a rave review. I purchased a large bottle and shared it with friends that evening at a 40th party- many cocktails were consumed, we all woke the next day feeling amazing. Mon onus felt like we had even had one drink, the sceptics amongst them have gone on to be big fans..”


Nishal -Pharmacy Dispenser
“It is a brilliant product as it speaks for itself and we have never had to call any one to place orders as frequently as we call you. P.s we do have you on speed dial as we speak.”


Marianne W – Nutrionist
“Alcotox – you are a star ! ……  
Just to let you know about a very surprising and pleasant side-effect I found taking Alcotox. Normally after having a few glasses of wine I would get a mild migraine the next morning. Sometimes they would turn into a full blown attack. Since taking Alcotox – 1 with every glass – that after effect seems to have disappeared. So thank you and keep up the brilliant work.”


Ruari O – Rum and Reviews Magazine
“…..I followed this with Innis & Gunn Rum Finish beer, a 7.7% abv night-finisher, then piled three different kinds of brown ale on top of it. I had reached the point where I was certain a hangover would appear when my friend began to force cider down my neck, using such forceful language as “would you like some cider, mate?” and I was sure I would be ruined the next day. The next morning I was fine. FINE! I felt amazing ”


James A – Mens Health Magazine 
” I’ve lost count of how many hangover cures I’ve tried over the years. I’ve never been able to drink red wine, without getting a really nasty headache the next day. Don’t know what is, tannins or something that I must be allergic to.

Anyway a friend of mine gave me a few capsules of this thing that he tried called Alcotox. Must be new cos I’d never heard of it before. so I tried it, with a glass of burgundy not expecting much, but the day after it felt like i hadn’t drunk anything at all. I ordered a bottle from their website and its worked for me every time since.. If you cant tolerate red win like me, give this a try. It really works. ”


David  – Mens Health Magazine
” I have tried a few so called hangover cures in the past, most have only helped to dull the pain. I have finally found something that actually works, Alcotox. It claims to prevent your hangover. Well I am hear after a heavy session last night and woke without the usual hangover, thank you Alcotox. No one wants a hangover give it a try, if it works for pass the word on. I have done my bit. ”


” I have tried a number home remedies, drinking plenty of water helps but not a real cure. I have found a herbal remedy called Alcotox which has cured my hangover woes. I would recommend it, hope it works as well for you. ”


Natasha, N, Kent
” When I am out on the town with friends and at clubs drinking, I usually drink too much and feel awful with a hangover in the morning. I have tried many hangover remedies and the results have always been a hit and miss.  I tried Alcotox after hearing about it from a friend, and it worked every time. I feel great without the headache or hangover effect and would strongly recommend the product. Good job !”


Darren, B, London
” When I  heard about Alcotox – a hangover cure – I was skeptical, especially after trying several other products previously. Anyway I got some free samples so I decided to  put it to the test. The first night, I drank five strong beers in about two hours – without Alcotox. I woke up the next morning with a slight but present headache and felt lethargic all morning.  A couple of days later  I tried the capsules as directed with the same 5 beers. I woke up the next morning  feeling a bit drowsy but without any of the headaches or nausea. Its the only hangover product I’ve tried that actually works and it has won me over”


Steve H, London
” Red wine has always given me bad hangovers. I took 6 capsules of Alcotox after drinking 4 glasses of wine the night before. Woke up feeling a bit groggy and dehydrated but did not experience the headaches and nausea that I normally suffer. I will definitely be using Alcotox again !.”


Hilary S, Glasgow
” Love Alcotox !  My husband takes this when he drinks and is fine the next day.  Before, he would be out of it, the whole of the next day. Recommend this to anyone who has a rough day after a night of drinking.  Great invention Thanks! ”


 Alan D, Reading
“I have been a wine lover for a long time and often drink quite a bit more than most people !.  I usually drink in the evening after work and since discovering Alcotox I  have never had any negative effects on the job and  can function fine the next day. Will be ordering more !”


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