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What is Alcotox ?

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Alcotox is a dietary supplement that is safe, effective and free from drugs and stimulants. It is designed to do one thing extremely well: “To target, scavenge and neutralise Acetaldehyde”.

When alcohol is consumed, a powerful toxin called acetaldehyde is produced by the liver, which is 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself. It is this toxin which is the underlying root cause of almost every alcohol related complication. Independent scientific data on the damage that Acetaldehyde causes stretches back decades and is freely available in the public domain for anyone who cares to search for it. Acetaldehyde is linked to liver damage, damage to tissues, cells ,and even DNA itself.

QC certified lab tests have demonstrated that just one capsule of Alcotox neutralises more than 80% of the Acetaldehyde in common alcoholic beverages.

Why is it so expensive ?

Alcotox is priced at the minmum we can sell it for to cover the costs of producing a high quality product. Compare the ingredients it contains with competing products (mostly hangover cure products) which are similarly priced. It becomes immediately apparent that we do not put profits before a superior product design which benefits our customers in a multitude of ways. Just one capsule of Alcotox is potent enough to detoxify between 1 and 2  standard drinks  ( depending upon individual metabolic ability ) so it is actually very cost effective.

How is it Alcotox different ?

How is Alcotox different ?

Comparing Alcotox to conventional hangover cures is like comparing Apples to Oranges !. Most hangover remedies on the market treat the symptoms but not the causes. Alcotox does not attempt to treat or even prevent a hangover. It aims to neutralise Acetaldehyde as effectively as possible. The advantage of this approach is that it offers a broader spectrum of health benefits than just curing or even preventing a hangover alone.

A hangover is a state of distress in the body when the blood alcohol content is zero. Most researchers agree that it is the after effects of Acetaldehyde on the central nervous system that accounts for the nausea and headaches often associated with hangovers.

Many hangover cures contain aspirin and caffeine, while others contain activated charcoal.Some contain so much aspirin, that they are in fact classified as drugs, requiring FDA approval. They may even add to the detoxification load of an already overburdened liver.

What is acetaldehyde ?

Acetaldehyde is the toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism. It is a compound used in industry in the manufacture of plastics, adhesives and fabrics.  It is chemically similar to formaldehyde which is used in insulating foams, plywood, particle board and embalming fluid.  Acetaldehyde is 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself  and can cause  damage to  tissues, cells and DNA. It is linked to almost every alcohol related health problem and is a known carcinogen.

Why do I need Alcotox?

The liver can only metabolize on average, one standard drink per hour, regardless of how much has been consumed. The rate of alcohol metabolism depends on the amount of metabolizing enzymes in the liver, and individual genetics.What is important to note is that alcohol is metabolized more slowly than it is absorbed. Since the metabolism of alcohol is slow, consumption needs to be controlled to prevent accumulation in the body and intoxication. The liver is easily overwhelmed for this reason and the body has trouble keeping up with removing acetaldehyde fast enough.The prolonged exposure to acetaldehyde can result in significant damage to cells, tissue and DNA.


Alcotox binge drinking cartoonI am a social drinker, do I still neeed Alcotox ?

Research shows that even a few alcoholic drinks a week can have a powerfully damaging effect on the body, especially the liver.  From a health perspective Alcotox will benefit everyone who drinks alcohol irrespective of how much is consumed. This is because it offers both health promoting features (glutathione )  and harm reducing features (acetaldehyde scavenging). The medical community tends to focus on alcoholics, but that’s a very small number of people, being hungover however is a  very common thing.  It is also proven that hangovers are much more common (70% )  in light-to-moderate drinkers than in heavier drinkers. Simply put, you do not have to drink to intoxication levels in order to benefit from Alcotox.

How do I take Alcotox?

Take one capsule of Alcotox for every standard drink  consumed . Results will be best if the doses are spread out as much as possible. I is often more practical to take two or three capsules before drinking and two or three afterwards. Supplement with additional capsules while drinking as necessary, to maintain protection. It is recommended to take no more than eight or 9 capsules per day. Be sure to keep well hydrated as alcohol is a diuretic. One glass of water per drink will counteract the effects of dehydration

Is Alcotox Safe?

Completely. Unlike many competing hangover remedies which often contain aspirin,  paracetamol or caffeine, Alcotox is a drug free and stimulant free product. It is trademarked as a food supplement and is safe to take, even in large doses, although that is not recommended. Many people take one capsule of Alcotox a day when not drinking alcohol, to boost liver function and increase the body’s level of glutathione, which is a super anti-oxidant that positively benefits the health of every single cell in the body.

Does Alcotox prevent me from getting drunk?

No. Alcotox does not prevent you from getting drunk !. Alcotox does not affect the pharmacology of alcohol, only its toxicity. This means that people can still become intoxicated whilst drinking but achieve a significant reduction in alcohol’s damaging biochemical side effects. Warning: Do not drink and drive !.

Are there any side effects ?

There are no known side effects to taking Alcotox. There are however benefits of taking Alcotox even when not drinking alcohol because it contains all three Glutathione pre-cursors. These include improved immune system response, improved recovery times from injury, decreasing effects of aging and cellular protectant . Some people regularly use Alcotox even when not drinking alcohol  to improve overall health and general liver function.

Whats in it ?

Alcotox contains a precision blend of high quality amino acids and vitamins including N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Glutamine,L-Taurine, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1,Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6. Alcotox contains all 3 of the glutathione pre-cursors Glycine, Glutamate and Cysteine to maximise production of intra-cellular glutathione, the body’s own master anti-oxidant.

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