Standard Drink Definitions

Two of the questions often asked are: ” What is a standard drink ” and “How many capsules of Alcotox are required  in order to maintain protection”.

Each country defines differently what a standard drink is, that is to say how many gms of pure alcohol constitute one Unit of alcohol or one Standard Drink Equivalent. These definitions are arbitrary and are based largely on the political factors pertaining to each country. Its important to note that a standard drink may not reflect customary serving sizes.  For example one mixed drink may contain 3 or 4 standard drinks, depending on the type of recipe and strength of the spirits.

The chart below lists the standard drink equivalents defined by different countries.  Austria for example defines a standard drink as containing 6 gms of pure alcohol, the UK defines it as 8 gms of pure alcohol, while the USA defines it as 14 gms of pure alcohol. Japan meanwhile, at the extreme end defines a standard drink as containing 19.75 gms of pure alcohol, which is more than three times than Austria’s definition. To calculate the amount of pure alcohol  for any given drink simply multiply its percent proof (stated on the label ) by its volume.

Standard Drink Equivalents defined by country

Country SDE or Unit Grams Alcohol/SDE or Unit
Australia SDE 10
Canada Unit 13.6
France Unit 10
Germany Unit 12
Ireland Unit 10
Italy Unit 12
New Zealand Unit 10
Spain SDE 10
Japan SDE 19.75
Austria SDE 6


Internationally defined drinks and Alcotox dosing guidelines

The example below lists some popular drinks,( NIAAA)  all of which contain the same amount of pure alcohol, ie 16 gms. The term “standard drink ” in this website refers to these standard definitions to make things simpler and easier to undesrtand

12 oz (330ml) can of 5% proof beer
5oz (142ml) glass of 12% proof wine
1.5 oz (42 ml) of 40% proof spirits.

All of these contain the same amount of alcohol, which is 0.5 oz (16 gms) of pure alcohol, or two units of alcohol as defined in the UK ( 8 gms per unit). One capsule of Alcotox is designed to detoxify approximately 25 gms (almost 1 oz) of pure alcohol. The tables show that one capsule of Alcotox is in fact sufficiently potent to detoxify almost TWO of the popular drinks listed above.

How many Alcotox  capsules do i need ?

Alcotox CapsulesThe suggested dose of one Alcotox capsule per standard drink ensures a large margin of error of almost 90% to allow for the differences in metabolic ability between individuals. The two enzymes specifically related to alcohol metabolism , ADH (Alcohol Dehydrogenase ) and ALDH (Aldehyde Dehydrogenase ) are known to vary significantly between individuals.

Results will be best if the doses are spread out as much as possible. For optimal results, the Standard Protocol works best; Take two capsules before drinking, one capsule per drink during and 2 capsules afterwards. This protocol will ensure sufficient removal of acetaldehyde in real time, and achieve results that will likely astonish you the next day.  FAQ’s.

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