UK Alcohol Statistics

In the UK there are;

•    5 million non-drinkers

•    40 million social drinkers

•    10 million ” at risk” drinkers

•    1 million problem drinkers

•    200,000 dependent drinkers

•    27% of men drink over recommended number of units weekly.

•    14% women of drink over recommended number of units weekly.

(Source: NHS).

Liver disease in some parts of the UK has increased by more than 400% in less than 8 years. The cost to the NHS due to alcohol related hospital admissions is estimated at over £3 billion. The 2010 General Lifestyle Survey, which was completed by more than 13,000 people across Britain, showed that people aged between 45 and 64 typically consume more alcohol per week than any other age group.

The Royal College of Physicians recently predicted that more than 200,000 people could die early from alcohol related diseases. On a worldwide level, alcohol causes 2.5 million deaths a year, which represents 3.7% of all deaths worldwide and is the 3rd major cause of death in developed countries (Source: WHO).

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